Reports May 2008

26 mayRussian Championship. Final. We won the silver!

The third match of finals series was very stubborn. BC Khimki players struggled against the Euroleague champion – CSKA with great desire and persistence. But our team failed to win — 78-88 (17-22, 15-12, 19-24, 27-30). As a result of the season, BC Khimki won the silver medals of Russian Championship.
Top scorers: Lampe (21), McCarty (18), Ponkrashov (14), Fridzon (13).

23 mayRussian Championship. The victory was so closed…

The second match of finals series BC Khimki played at the court of CSKA again. And once again BC Khimki provided the best support. And as the result, the fighting on the court was very stubborn — 66-74 (20-13, 16-18, 16-22, 14-21). The third match will stage in Khimki Basketball Center on 26th of May.
Top scorers: Burke (17+9 rebounds), Tucker (14).

22 mayRussian Championship. Final. CSKA won the first round

The first match of finals series BC Khimki played away. Although it BC Khimki fans guaranteed the loud support: the big army of fans came to Moscow. But our team couldn’t win the first day of confrontation — 76-97 (18-33, 23-22, 15-18, 20-24). The second game will stage today, in CSKA court.
Top scorers: Tucker (15), Burke (14), Veremeenko (13).

12 mayRussian Championship. BC Khimki staged to final!!!

The fourth match between BC Khimki and “Ural-Great” Perm was of big interest. The fight on the court exceeded all expectations. BC Khimki built a lead at the end of second period and finally won — 77-70 (17-19, 28-14, 15-22, 17-15). The first final amtch will stage on 22th of May. Our opponent will be determine in series CSKA-Dynamo Moscow.
Top scorers:Tucker (17), Lampe (12).

11 mayRussian Championship. The serie is not completed

The first on road game of a semifinal came out not less stressed than duels in the basketball Center in Khimki. Two starting periods were completed a draw. Subsequent two fourth also became not for one of the teams easy walk. Victory as a result celebrated permians — 71-87 (20-20, 19-19, 22-27, 10-21). Following game in the Perm' "Molot" will be tomorrow, on 12 May, into 18:00 MST.

The best scorers is Lampe (14), McCarty, Ponkrashov (13 both), Wilkinson (11).

8 mayRussian Championship. The Final is near then ever

In first half of the second game of semi-final Khimki team got difficulties again with overcoming of the resistance of Perm' "Ural-Great". Only after large break our players inclined scale to their side: 99-90 (28-26, 18-25, 33-19, 20-20). The third game, in which can be solved the winner of a series, will take place on Sunday, 11th May, in Perm', into 16:00 MST.

The best scorers is Lampe (29 + 9 reb.), Ewing (21), McCarty (18), Fridzon (12).

7 mayRussian Championship. The first step to final

The first match in semifinal series BC Khimki played against Ural-Great. The team from Perm made a sensation in quarterfinals, beating UNICS Kazan. And this game Ural-Great started well, but Khimki won convincingly — 101-78 (23-19, 29-21, 33-20, 16-18). The second match will stage tomorrow in Khimki.
Top scorers: McCarty (22), Lampe (19), Wilkinson (13).