Reports May 2007

31 mayRussian Championship. BC Khimki won bronze medals and The ULEB Cup berth

The final duel in Moscow became the last in 'bronze' series. After the long break of match Khimki demonstrated inspired game and gained the participation in ULEB Cup — 73-61 (18-24, 19-20, 13-5, 23-12). The battle for the third place is concluded by the BC Khimki triumph.

30 mayRussian Championship. BC Khimki recovered the home-court advantage

The 'bronze' series moved to the Krylatskoe. Only in the first period, when Papadopoulos was unmarked, fans saw the stubborn struggle. Later Khimki took him out of a game. As a result, Khimki won convincingly — 82-56 (23-22, 21-18, 19-4, 19-12). Next game will pass on 31 may at Krylatskoe.

27 mayRussian Championship. The score in 'bronze' series is 1:1

In second game in the series for the bronze medals BC Khimki couldn’t defeat Dynamo — 76-83 (20-32, 22-14, 20-18, 14-19). Next match of this serial will pass in Krylatsckoe on the 30th of May.
Top scorers: Pozzecco (21), Booker (15), Veremeenko (10), Wolkowyski (10).

26 mayRussian Championship. The first step on the road to bronze

BC Khimki defeated Dynamo Moscow for the first time in Moscow Region Basketball Center. It was the deserved win of yellow-blue in first round of series for the bronze medals — 103-82 (27-19, 22-21, 31-22, 23-20).
Next game, 27th of May at Khimki.

21 mayRussian Championship. We will challenge for bronze medals and ULEB Cup

The fourth game became the last in this series. The winner wasn’t determined in statutory playing time. Khimki forced overtime and surrendered just one point in a matter of seconds — 96-97 2ОТ (16-16, 22-19, 13-29, 25-12, 10-10, 10-11). The series of semifinals is closed out. Now BC Khimki will compete for the bronze. Our opponent is Dynamo Moscow. The first match will pass on the 26th of May at the Basketball Centre of Moscow Region, Khimki.

20 mayRussian Championship. Semifinals. Star wars. Episode III

In third match in semifinals BC Khimki had the better of the first period and later on cut the power. But at the last minutes of match yellow blue were stronger and scored a workmanlike victory — 89-80 (33-22, 13-17, 20-25, 23-16).
Next game, 21 May at the Basketball Centre at Khimki.

17 mayRussian Championship. Semifinals. Effect of home-field advantage

Two halves of match in Kazan were absolutely different. Before long break BC Khimki imposed the game on an opponent, but after the relaxation yellow — blue squandered a lead plus there was some glaring judge’s error — 78-81 (20-13, 25-17, 17-31, 16-20).
Next game, 20 May at the Basketball Centre at Khimki.

16 mayRussian Championship. Semifinals. After the first game UNICS is an advance

Yesterday evening the series of semifinals games started off in Basket-hall in Kazan. BC Khimki met with UNICS. In stubborn struggle Moscow Region brigade yielded 72-86 (20-26, 12-13, 23-23, 17-24). Away team rebounded well, but the play in defense gave rise to unfavorable criticism from the coach staff. The second match will pass on 17 of May in Kazan.

11 mayRussian Championship. BC Khimki goes to Kazan

The fourth game took place in “Triumph” at Lyubertsy. Dynamo could win only the second quarter. Khimki dominated in the court and won away from home 80-63 (18-17, 20-12, 18-15, 24-19). Yellow-blue team advanced to the semifinals, where will face UNICS. The first match will pass 16 of May in Basket-hall of Kazan.

10 mayRussian Championship. BC Khimki headed the series.

The third match of Quarter final between BC Khimki and Dynamo Moscow Region passed at the “Triumph” of Lyubertsy. In the first quarter Khimki made a request for scoring a victory Only in second period and in the ending of the game Dynamo could offer stubborn resistance. As a result our team won 90-79 (30-17, 20-25, 19-11, 21-26). The fourth game will pass on 11 may at Lyubertsy.