Reports March 2008

23 marchRussian Championship. The away campaign is concluded by the victory

On Sunday BC Khimki played away against the team CSK VVS Samara. The result of match was determined long before the break after the spurt of yellow-blue at the beginning of second period. As a result a lopsided victory of BC Khimki — 90-57 (26-18, 22-15, 22-6, 20-18). Next match BC Khimki will play at home against Dynamo Moscow on 4th of April.
Top scorers: Lampe (13+10 rebounds), McCarty (13), Ewing (12).

18 marchULEB Cup. 1/8 Finals. Joventut turned out stronger

BC Khimki failed to gain revenge and yielded in second match against of Joventut from Badalona of ULEB Cup 1/8 — 54-69 (15-19, 8-17, 18-14, 13-19). Next match our team will play in Samara on Sunday, 23th of March.

14 marchRussian Championship. The silver is guaranteed

On Friday BC Khimki played the match against “Sibirtelecom” Lokomotiv. Our team won convincingly — 96-74 (26-15, 16-22, 31-12, 22-25). After this victory BC Khimki guaranteed the second place in regular stage of Russian Championship. Next Sunday BC Khimki will play at Samara.
Top scorers: Ewing (16), Ponkrashov (13), McCarty (12), Shabalkin (10), Tucker (10).

11 marchULEB Cup. 1/8 Finals. The vexing defeat

It was very difficult game for BC Khimki.Our team yeilded to DKV Joventut in first match 1/8 ULEB Cup — 73-96 (20-21, 19-21, 20-26, 14-29). In a week in Badalona BC Khimki will try to gain revenge.
Top scorers: Lampe (20), Ewing (15), Wilkinson (13).

7 marchRussian Championship. The victory on Kama bank

BC Khimki played against URAL-Great in Perm. The Moscow Region team won convincingly — 94-87 (24-21, 23-18, 22-19, 25-29). On Thuesday our team will play at home against Joventut from Spain in ULEB Cup and next match in Russian Cup on Friday against STK Lokomotiv Novosibirsk.
Top scorers: Lampe (18+11 rebounds), Burke (15), Fridzon (14), Ponkrashov (13), Tucker (11).

1 marchRussian Championship. The workmanlike victory

Saturday BC Khimki played at home against one of the Superleague leaders – UNICS from Kazan. In BC Khimki rosters there are no some key players, but it couldn’t prevent our victory — 77–71 (17-17, 21-25, 24-16, 15-13). Next match BC Khimki will play against “Ural’Great” in Perm on 7th of March.
Top scorers: Lampe (30), Fridzon (15), Ponkrashov (14), Tucker (10).