Reports May 2011

31 mayPBL. UNICS vs. BC Khimki

Unfortunately, BC Khimki didn't manage to score a first semi-finals road victory in Kazan and was defeated by UNICS — 59-70 (13-20, 12-15, 18-18, 16-17). The next game will be held also in Kazan on Wednesday, June 1. The beginning of the meeting is at 19.00 msk.

28 mayPBL. BC Khimki vs. Spartak SPb

Incredible victory in the mad ending of an enchanting sight determined the semifinalist: BC Khimki, defeated BC Spartak, will continue the fight for medals — 77-75 (18-24, 10-23, 28-13, 21-15). UNICS Kazan will be our opponent. First two games the yellow-blue will play on the road in Kazan on Tuesday, May 31 and Wednesday, June 1.

26 mayPBL. Spartak SPb vs. BC Khimki

The return visit to Saint Petersburg turned to be unsuccessful: our team lost in the very ending – 74-76 (20-22, 16-13, 16-18, 22-23), and the crucial meeting will be held on Saturday, May 28 in Khimki. The beginning of the game is at 18.00 msk.

23 mayPBL. BC Khimki vs. Spartak SPb

Aggressive defense of the Khimkians obliged Spartak SPb to make crucial mistakes that led to our victory in the first play-off quarterfinal game — 87-82 (15-26, 27-21, 27-20, 18-15). The next meeting BC Khimki will play in Saint Petersburg on Thursday, May 26 at 19.00.

19 mayPBL. BC Khimki vs. Dynamo M

Due to coordinated team interaction and high percentage of distant throws BC Khimki managed to beat Dynamo Moscow in the last BEKO PBL regular championship game — 86-78 (27-28, 20-15, 19-15, 20-20). The next meeting our team will play also at home within the bounds of BEKO PBL quarterfinals with Spartak Saint Petersburg on Monday, May 23 at 19.00 msk.

16 mayPBL. BC Khimki vs. Lokomotiv Kuban'

Unfortunately Khimkians strained themselves too much in the previous game with CSKA Moscow and today have been defeated by Lokomotiv-Kuban — 75-81 (15-27, 26-22, 20-21, 14-11). The last BEKO PBL regular season game our team will play at home with Dynamo Moscow on Thursday, May 19. The beginning of the meeting is at 19.00 msk.

13 mayPBL. CSKA vs. BC Khimki

In a bitter and emotional struggle BC Khimki managed to beat CSKA Moscow at its court in the overtime — 89-88 ОТ (9-18, 16-20, 22-15, 29-23, 13-12). The next game our team will play on Monday, May 16 with Lokomotiv-Kuban Krasnodar. The beginning of the meeting is at 19.00 msk.

6 mayPBL. Enisey vs. BC Khimki

BC Khimki was beaten in the very ending in Krasnoyarsk by the local team Enisey — 88-93 (32-28, 14-23, 12-19, 30-23). The next game our team will play again on the road with CSKA Moscow on May 13, Friday. The beginning of the meeting is at 19.00 msk.