Khimki Dancers

There is hardly a person, who is upset when a forced-minute pause is coming in the game. Because you know it takes place with a special chic: at the pitch a dance group of BC Khimki support function appears.

In the year of the group's tenth anniversary the girls yielded the palm in the competition of basketball dance-teams. It happened within the bounds of regular Final Four of Russian Cup – a tournament where the appropriate competitions are usually held.

Today in the repertoire of a dance group there are more than 100 (!) dances. Warm words, sincere appreciation for support after the game, along with the numerous requests to get photos – there is hardly a match that does without such episodes. And this, not to mention about storm of applause and enthusiastic chants.

Moscow Region team has glorious European history: in Kiev girls supported BC Khimki in the final fight for medals of FIBA Europe Cup, they worked at the FIBA “Matches of all stars” in Turkey, Estonia, at the tournament Efes Pilsner World Cup VI, more than once performed at the games of Turkish Championship and Turkish Cup, Euroleague and, not only with the participation of BC Khimki. And last summer – again in Turkey – the girls performed their benefit: they participated in the Men's World Championship!

– After World Cup there were great positive emotions. We were dancing in Izmir during two-minute breaks and timeouts in the second and fourth quarters. Fans welcomed us wonderfully: endless requests for photos, posters with thanks, applause after each number and even during the dance the audience gladly responded to our promises. This caused furor: the moments when our girls with a special gun “shoot out” souvenir T-shirts made the stands happy. And when we moved to Istanbul, boarded the plane and again ... heard applause. Even in the airport we were recognized!
In Istanbul we worked at two games and also we were the only Russian representatives, who participated in the apogee of the final match – the track International dance team. Between the 3rd and 4th quarters we came at the pitch with the Russian flag in our hands. The organizers presented us as a unified dance team from Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia.

All the dancers are the masters of the highest quality: they have excellent sports and choreographic background. Also, all the girls adore basketball, their team and its fans, flowers and beautiful victories.

– It’s easy for us to find a common language with the audience, as well as to form a kind of exclusive circle, – the girls say. – We dance, “get” the audience, they begin to support their team actively. Basketball players, in their turn, are inspired by the energy from the stands, and by their successful game they energize us.
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