Reports May 2009

25 mayRussian Championship. BC Khimki won silver medals

Fourth game of finals series became unsuccesful for BC Khimki. Our team lost 45-78 (9-24, 11-16, 10-20, 14-18). The seaon came to the end. By its result BC khimki won silver medals and received a placein Euroleague.

24 mayRussian Championship. Finals. BC Khimki — CSKA — 67-66

The final series moved to Moscow Region. Khimki players beat their opponent, having a great second half of match — 67-66 (17-24, 11-16, 22-9, 17-17). Fourth game in the Finals will be held in Khimki's «Basketball Center» on Monday, 25 th May at 18.30 .

21 mayRussian Championship. Finals. CSKA — BC Khimki — 76-64

In the second final game struggle on a number of objective reasons did not succeed. The Moscow Region's club left in the beginning of the game without head coach, judges from the remote site, has given way — 64-76 (12-24, 13-15, 16-25, 23-12). Clubs will have a third game series on Sunday, 24 th May. It will be held in Basketball Center in Khimki.

20 mayRussian Championship. Finals. CSKA — BC Khimki — 80-74

Start of the Final Series of the Russian championship took place in double-edged struggle. The guests have given way — 74-80 (24-23, 10-15, 18-21, 22-21). To win Khimkians lacked accuracy from the line and the penalty a bit of luck in the near distance. Second game Finals will be held in USC CSKA on Thursday, 21 May .

11 mayRussian Championship. BC Khimki reached the final!

In Saint-Petersburg the fourth match of semifinlas series between BC Khimki and "Spartak" was held. In a stubborn struggle BC Khimki won — 74-72 (9-22, 16-13, 23-19, 26-18) and reached the final, where our team will face the winner of series CSKA — UNICS.

10 mayRussian Championship. Semifinals. "Spartak" — BC Khimki — 70:88

The series between BC Khimki and "Spartak" moved to Saint-Petersburg. And in third game Mosow Region team won convincingly — 88-70 (22-20, 17-20, 25-15, 24-15). The score in series is 2-1 in BC Khimki favor. Next match will be held tommorrow,11 of May.

7 mayRussian Championship. Semifinals. BC Khimki — Spartak — 58:66

BC Khimki started in second match in semifinals series well, but after “Spartak” was luckier. And Khimki’s 22 three –point shots were missed. Moscow Region team lost — 58-66 (21-18, 18-13, 10-17, 9-18). “Spartak” leveled the score in series 1-1. Next two games will be held in Saint-Petersburg on 10-11 of May.

6 mayRussian Championship. Semifinals. BC Khimki — Spartak — 94:87

In first match of semifinals series basketball fans saw the spectacular match as everybody expected. “Spartak” offered the resistance, but BC Khimki dictated the game and won — 94-87 (25-24, 24-17, 19-20, 26-26). The second match will be held on Thursday, on 7 of May.