Reports November 2009

28 novemberRussian Championship. BC Khimki vs. UNICS

In match of Russian Championship BC Khimki played in Moscow Region against UNICS Kazan. In first half yellow-blue dictated the game, but the winner was determined at the end of the match. BC Khimki won — 77-71 (22-16, 22-15, 15-20, 18-20).

25 novemberEuroleague. BC Khimki vs. Prokom

In fifth round of Euroleague BC Khimki faced in Basketball center of Moscow Region the champion of Poland — Prokom. Yellow-blue won — 89-67 (22-20, 22-16, 17-12, 28-19).
Bc Khimki is closed to reach Top 16.

21 novemberRussian Championship. Lokomotiv Kuban' vs. BC Khimki

In match in Krasnodar BC Khimki played on a road against "Lokomotiv-Kuban". In second quater our team increased the lead to 14 points, and after it BC Khimki held the lead and won — 69-63 (14-13, 23-17, 13-15, 19-18).

18 novemberVTB United League. UNICS vs. BC Khimki

In third round of group stage in VTB united league BC Khimki played on a road in Kazan against local UNICS. Team headed by Sergio Scariolo lost third quater and as a result lost a game — 69-82 (29-28, 15-16, 8-23, 17-15). In next match BC Khimki will face in Krasnodar "Lokomotiv-Kuban".

15 novemberRussian Championship. BC Khimki vs. Triumph 76-65

In regular match of Russian Championship BC Khimki faced at home neighbors from Moscow Region town –Lyubertsy – BC Triumph. The spectators saw the struggle just in first quarter. BC Khimki won convincingly — 76-65 (21-19, 21-11, 19-16, 15-19).

12 novemberEuroleague. AJ Milano vs. BC Khimki

BC Khimki won in a very difficult match on a road against Armani Jeans Milan — 72-68 (16-19, 15-16, 18-15, 23-18),and Moscow Region team is one of three leaders in Group D. Next match In Euroleague our team will play at home on 25 of November against Prokom.

7 novemberRussian Championship. Dynamo Moscow vs. BC Khimki 71-83

In first match in a road in Russian Championship BC Khimki played against Dynamo Moscow. Just in second period home team could offer resistance to guests. BC Khimki won convincingly — 83-71 (26-19, 10-15, 26-14, 21-23). Next match of Russian Championship our team will play at home on 15 of November against Triumph Lyubertsy.

4 novemberEuroleague. BC Khimki — Oldenburg

In third round of group stage BC Khimki faced the champion of Germany – Oldenburg. Well started Moscow Region team gave up initiative to opponent, but at the end of match BC Khimki snatched a victory — 77-72 (24-9, 12-33, 19-13, 22-17). Next match in Euroleague BC Khimki will play away against of Armani Jeans Milan on 12 of November.

1 novemberVTB United League. BC Khimki — VEF-Riga

In the first home game of the VTB United League BC Khimki faced Riga VEF. Guests have not been able to offer resistance to Moscow Region team that dictated all the game. There is a first victory at VTB League of BC Khimki — 103-66 (22-8, 24-17, 35-18, 22-23).