Reports November 2007

27 novemberULEB Cup. Khimki survived an incredible overtime thriller

Khimki survived an incredible overtime thriller and stayed unbeaten in difficult Group D by edging Anwil Wloclawek 102-99 in overtime on the road on tuesday. Khimki improved to 4-0 in Group D and set a big showdown with Pamesa Valencia for the top spot in this group next week.
Top scorers: Ewing (30), Dyachok (17), McCarty (16), Fridzon (14), Rannikko (12).

23 novemberRussian Championship. BC Khimki is without defeat

BC Khimki played against Dynamo Moscow and won convincingly — 74-55 (22-18, 13-11, 18-9, 21-17) and continued to lead the championship. Next game the team, headed by Kestutis Kemzura, will play on 1st of December at Khimki.
Top scorers: Fridzon (16), McCarty (13), Ewing (12), Shabalkin (10).

20 novemberULEB Cup. The labored victory

BC Khimki – the leader of Group D played against Skyliners from Germany, which is at the foot of the table. But it wasn’t easy drive for Moscow Region club. Nevertheless Khimki won — 81-69 (25-20, 17-15, 15-17, 24-17) and scored 2 points. Next Tuesday Bc Khimki will play in Poland against Anwil.
Top scorers: Fridzon (16), McCarty (15), Ewing (13).

13 novemberULEB Cup. The victory in the tense struggle

In the second match in ULEB Cup BC Khimki beat the Ukrainian club – Azovmas — 93-91 (26-23, 22-31, 22-14, 23-23). Next match the Moscow region club will play at home agaist Skyliners from Germany on 20th of November.
Top scorers: Wilkinson (15), McCarty (15), Ewing (12), Shabalkin (11), Rannikko (11).

10 novemberRussian Championship.BC Khimki – the one team without defeat

BC Khimki won the eight match in regular season of Russian Championship and lead the fixture list. Moscow Region club beat Lokomotiv from Rostov — 92-80 (24-20, 25-22, 23-19, 20-19). Next match our team will play on 23rd of November in Krylatskoe against Dynamo Moscow.
Top scorers: McCarty (28+8 rebounds), Fridzon (14), Shabalkin (12), Wilkinson (10+11 rebounds), Ewing (10+8 rebounds).

6 novemberULEB Cup. The first victory

In the first match of ULEB Cup season 2007/2008 BC Khimki played against the leader of French Championship SLUC Nancy, which didn’t suffer a defeat this year. But guest team offered a stubborn resistance only in first half of match. BC Khimki won 90-81 (23-25, 18-18, 27-15, 22-23). Next amtch in ULEB Cup the Moscow Region team will play in Ukraine, Mariupol against Azovmash on 13th of October.
Top scorers: McCarty (28), Ponkrashov (16), Ewing (14), Veremeenko (14), Wilkinson (9).

2 novemberRussian Championship. The seventh victory, BC Khimki is in the lead

The second home match in this season BC Khimki played against CSK VVS-Samara. Yellow-blue won — 91-67 (25-17, 25-15, 18-16, 23-19). Next match will pass in Rostov on 10th of November and this Thusday the Moscow Region team will play the first match in ULEB Cup at home againat SLUC Nancy from France.
Top scorers: Wilkinson (18), Ewing (16), Fridzon (10), Veremeenko (9).