Reports November 2006

28 novemberULEB Cup

25 novemberRussian Championship

21 novemberULEB Cup

17 novemberRussian Championship. Defeat “without a full team”

For the first time in the history of the two teams relations, in the face off with UNICS in Kazan BC Khimki was one rung above its rival on the tournaments charts, from last year’s National Championship and Cup. This added insult to injury for the home team. A key element for them was the unusual shortened bench for the Moscow Region team, and was made more evident after halftime. The Moscow Region Club, unable to change its roster for the game, lost: 65-73 (20-20, 18-17, 9-20, 18-16). In the following match of the regular games for the Championship, Khimki will host Dynamo Moscow at the Basketball Center on Saturday 25 November, at 18:00.

14 novemberULEB Cup. Overtime necessary

In the third round of the Union League of European Basketball Khimki arrived at the winner of the Euro Cup, though the Saporta trophy no longer exists. One of the championship’s leaders of the Italian LegaBasket A, Siena’s Montepaschi, after having lost in the first half, after halftime put up a fight, for the home team, Khimki. The players of the Moscow Region Club were unable to steal the final game from the seasoned warriors and lost in overtime: 102-104 (29-23, 27-23, 17-25, 18-20, 11-13). For the fourth round of the tournament, the Moscow Region Club will host the visiting team, Berlin’s Alba in its Basketball Center, on 21 November, at 19:30.

11 novemberRussian Championship. Difficult victory in Perm

The boys from the Moscow Region continue their itinerary in their away games in the Russian Championship in the city of Perm. In the second quarter Khimki was able to gain a lead of 19 points. Despite the Ural Great players not showing any sign of giving up, cut their losses to a minimum, Khimki left the game with a victory. In fact the visiting team controlled the course of the game and won: 89-82 (24-20, 27-18, 18-20, 20-24). The upcoming match in the “easy” stage of the Russian Championship, Khimki will play next Friday 17 November; in the “Basket-hall” of Kazan will face off with UNICS. The game will be broadcast live on the “Russia-Sport” channel at 19:00.

7 novemberULEB Cup. First defeat as visiting team

The second round in the “grid” of the regular stage in the Union League of European Basketball and the first game for BC Khimki as visitor, took place in the Belgian City of Oostende, facing off against there no. 1, Telindus. The home team played pretty well under the scoreboards, and in the battle of the rebounds. The Moscow Region Club, without the benefit of any good opportunities to attack in the “second half” lost their first game for the trophy as visiting team: 88-93 (21-26, 26-22, 26-27, 15-18). All the same, all teams from Group C boast one game to their advantage after the second round. The next game in the ULEB Cup for Khimki will be at the Basketball Center, where they will face off with one of Italy’s champions, Montepaschi. The game is on 14 November, at 19.30.