Reports April 2012

24 aprilBEKO PBL. CSKA vs. BC Khimki

In the final BEKO PBL regular stage game BC Khimki lost on the road to CSKA Moscow — 72-91 (16-22, 21-28, 17-22, 18-19) and ranked second. Now in semifinals our team will face BC Triumph Lyubertsy. We have home court advantage. Dates of the games will be announced soon.

21 aprilVTB United League. BC Khimki vs. Lietuvos Rytas

Unfortunately BC Khimki was crushed in the third decisive VTB United League quarterfinal game by Lithuanian Lietuvos Rytas — 78-103 (20-29, 11-22, 29-28, 18-24). The next game our team will play on the road with CSKA Moscow on Tuesday, April 24. The beginning of the meeting is at 20.00 msk.

20 aprilVTB United League. BC Khimki vs. Lietuvos Rytas

BC Khimki managed to cope with the leaders of Lietuvos Rytas and scored a confident victory — 80-62 (24-22, 24-13, 10-13, 22-14). The third crucial game will be held on Saturday, April 21, 2012. The beginning of the meeting is at 20.30 msk.

18 aprilVTB United League. Lietuvos Rytas vs. BC Khimki

Our team lost in Vilnius to Eurocup 2012 bronze medalist Lietuvos Rytas — 71-82 (15-19, 20-17, 12-25, 24-21). Nevertheless we have a return game in Khimki that will be held on Friday, April 20 at 19.00 msk.

15 aprilEurocup. BC Khimki vs. Valencia

BC Khimki won Eurocup 2012!!! Our guys in the Final decisive game beat Valencia Basket — 77-68 (16-15, 21-15, 15-20, 25-18) and put in their pocket a ticket to Euroleague 2012/2013. The MVP of the Final series is Zoran Planinic.

14 aprilEurocup. BC Khimki vs Spartak

BC Khimki is in the Eurocup Final! In a tough game our team scored a victory over Spartak St Petersburg — 77-73 (27-14, 15-24, 14-22, 21-13). Tomorrow the yellow-blue will face Valencia Basket. The beginning of the meeting is at 18.30 msk.

9 aprilBEKO PBL. BC Khimki vs. UNICS

In the very second game with UNICS Kazan BC Khimki was more confident and scored a bright victory — 75-58 (15-15, 24-16, 18-13, 18-14). Only one game, with CSKA Moscow, remained before the BEKO PBL play-off series. And now on Saturday, April 14, BC Khimki will face Spartak St. Petersburg in Eurocup semifinal.

5 aprilBEKO PBL. UNICS vs. BC Khimki

BC Khimki scored a victory on the road over UNICS Kazan — 73-65 (16-16, 20-13, 12-18, 25-18). The next game, also with UNICS, will be held on Monday, April 9 in Basketball Center of Moscow Region, Khimki. The beginning of the meeting is at 19.00.

1 aprilBEKO PBL. Krasnye Krylia vs. BC Khimki

BC Khimki scored a very important road victory over BC Krasnye Krylia Samara — 79-68 (28-16, 18-11, 14-25, 19-16), and still ranks second in BEKO PBL standings. Our team continues tradition of not losing in Samara. The next opponent — UNICS Kazan, the meeting with Tatarstan players will be held on Thursday, April 5, also on the road.