Reports April 2007

28 aprilRussian Championship. Challenging tradition

During the rematch of the Quarter Finals in the National Championship playoffs, BC Khimki lost the third quarter, which is traditionally considered sealing the fate of the game’s definitive end results. However, thanks to an awesome comeback in the fourth 10-minute period, the home team pulled off a victory: 82-77 ОТ (21-15, 13-18, 13-20, 18-12, 17-12). Up until the fifth chapter of the season in the Moscow Region battle, and the third in the playoffs, the teams will have time enough to draw conclusions.

27 aprilRussian Championship. Lost the battle, but not the war

Up until the first Quarter Final match in the playoff series of the National Championship, Khimki’s players garnered nine victories up against their neighbors from Dynamo Moscow Region (MR). The yellow-n-blues were unable clinch the tenth win, but the winner of the three matches takes all. In this initial game, BC Khimki lost: 78-88 (26-22, 14-21, 19-20, 19-25).

18 aprilRussian Championship. Bakers’ dozen coming up to the final

BC Khimki players, after a grueling battle on the banks of the Don, and without relying on Veremeenko, won their traditional consecutive victory in the country’s regular championship: 74-71 (19-19, 21-12, 14-23, 20-17). This win is the ninth consecutive for the team from the Moscow Region facing off against Lokomotiv, playing home games in Rostov. Just ahead the championship playoffs, in which the first round two teams from the Moscow Region will face off.

4 aprilRussian Championship — "Plus 26" is the new landmark

In the last home match of regular season Khimki played with the Permian "Ural-Great". Already in the first period provincial guard influential claim for victory, and as a result gained the most confident in the club history victory above the club from the Kama Region, to that there were "plus 16" — 99-73 (28-9, 20-22, 26-24, 25-18). The following, last for the club, match of "smooth" stage RC khimkian basketball players will play in Rostov, 18th April with the local "Locomotiv".