Reports June 2011

16 junePBL. BC Khimki vs. CSKA

The final series is over. In the fourth game, that turned to be the last one, the Khimkians were beaten by CSKA Moscow — 63-74 (18-22, 16-21, 16-16, 13-15) — and scored silver medals of BEKO PBL championship.

15 junePBL. BC Khimki vs. CSKA

The Khimkians didn't manage to beat CSKA at the third final game. Despite good defense and well-coordinated attack our team was defeated — 58-70 (12-13, 19-22, 10-12, 17-23). The fourth meeting will be held on Thursday, June 16 at the Basketball Center of Moscow Region. The beginning of the game is at 19.00 msk.

12 junePBL. CSKA vs. BC Khimki

BC Khimki lost its second road game in the final series in Alexander Gomelskiy Universal Sport Hall CSKA — 57-65 (12-14, 17-18, 14-20, 14-13), — but now the advantage of home cour is at our team's disposal. Third game will be played in Basketball Center of Moscow Region on Wednesday, June 15 at 19.00 msk.

11 junePBL. CSKA vs. BC Khimki

Having blocked the opportunity of CSKA "big" men to attack from the three-second zone, the Khimkians interacted well and scored a first road victory over principled opponent — 77-72 (20-23, 23-18, 18-13, 16-18). The second road game our team will play tomorrow, on June 12 at 19.00 msk.

7 junePBL. UNICS vs. BC Khimki

Strong nerves, the desire to win and strong-willed character allowed the yellow-blue to score a decisive victory over UNICS Kazan in a semifinal series — 61-54 (14-12, 18-4, 16-28, 13-10). BC Khimki entered BEKO PBL final! The first game with CSKA Moscow our team will play on Saturday, June 11 in Alexander Gomelskiy Universal Sport Hall CSKA. The beginning of the meeting is at 19.00 msk.

5 junePBL. BC Khimki vs. UNICS

In the fourth BEKO PBL semifinal game the Khimkians were able to restrain UNICS players pressure and scored a very important victory — 70-69 (22-17, 16-10, 17-18, 15-24). The decisive game will be played in Kazan on Tuesday, June 7. The beginning of the meeting is at 19.00 msk.

4 junePBL. BC Khimki vs. UNICS

Having densely played with the opponents' leaders and confidently in the attack, BC Khimki solved a local problem and crushed the Kazan team — 77-56 (22-16, 24-15, 17-16, 14-9). The score in the series became 1-2 and on Sunday, June 5, our team will also meet UNICS. The beginning of the meeting is at 19.00 msk.

1 junePBL. UNICS vs. BC Khimki

Fantastic second quarter didn't allow the Khimkians to avoid a validol ending in the second road game of a semifinal play-off series. Our team was also beaten by UNICS Kazan – 57-62 (13-18, 15-2, 14-18, 15-24). Third and — if need — fourth games will be played in Khimki on Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5 at 19.00 msk.