BC Khimki vs. Lokomotiv-Kuban — 83-90 9 may 2018

BC Khimki lost to Lokomotiv-Kuban in a VTB United League game, despite huge fourth quarter — 83-90 (21-31, 15-27, 15-22, 32-10). Now on Saturday, May 12, 2018 our team will face Enisey Krasnoyarsk on the road. Tip-off at 12:00 msk.


Georgios Bartzokas, BC Khimki head coach:

“First of all, congratulations to Loko. They played really well for three quarters and deserved to win. For us it’s a good time and good opportunity to realize if we are ready to play in the play-offs. After this exhausted and very long season in the EuroLeague it looks like we have a lot of problems right now, I mean injured and mental problems. We need to get back on a track, to think that we have a really difficult job in VTB League against good teams, first of all, in the first series. And we need to play as a team. Today we didn’t play as a team first three quarters, we were losing. We allowed them in the first quarter to score seven out of eight open threes. Generally, they scored extremely well outside the three-point line. Then we lost our patience defensively and offensively. Okay, we tried hard in the last quarter to minimize the difference but it doesn’t count. What really counts is that we have to talk how we have to be again a strong team that we were in the EuroLeague, and to do our best in the VTB League”.