Eurocup. Lietkabelis vs. BC Khimki — 77-89 1 february 2017

Due to a huge first-half run BC Khimki scored a crucial road win in Lithuania over Lietkabelis Panevezys — 89-77 (28-15, 25-15, 16-27, 20-20) and clinched a play-offs spot. The next game our team will play on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 vs. FC Bayern Munich. Tip-off at 19:30 msk.

Lietkabelis Panevezys: Madgen (23 + 6 rebounds + 3 assists), Galdikas (14 + 3 rebounds), D. Lavrinovic (11 + 7 rebounds), Skucas (10 + 6 rebounds), Williams (9 + 12 assists + 3 rebounds + 3 steals), Leonavicius (6), Tarolis (4), Lukauskis, K. Lavrinovic, Janavicius, Rinkunas

BC Khimki: Shved (28 + 8 assists + 4 steals + 3 rebounds), Hummel (20 + 6 rebounds), Rowland (18 + 5 assists + 3 rebounds + 2 steals), Pullen (12 + 8 assists + 3 steals), Todorovic (9 + 4 rebounds), Sokolov (4), Monya (2), Zaytsev (1), Boungou-Colo, Ilnitskiy.


Dusko Ivanovic, BC Khimki head coach:

"I think, we started this game very well both in defense and offense. We played with patience and made open shots. I think there are two reasons for this play. Probably [the first reason is that] we played good, but probably it is about Lietkabelis who had a very strong game two days ago. So it didn't start with the intensity that it had after a half-time. The second half was different as we had a big margin but started relaxed, whereas they started to play aggressively. We missed some shots but finally we deserved this win. I think, Lietkabelis is a very smart team that shows very good basketball".

Jacob Pullen, BC Khimki guard:

"We won the game and it's all that matters. We were big but they came back. Lietkabelis is not a bad team so they made some plays and a run. But we won the game; that's all we needed to do. They just made some shots; we made some mistakes and turnovers. They were at home where everything could happen. The most important thing is winning. So now if we want the first place we have to win [FC Bayern Munich] by 16; if we don't we are at second place. Either way we are going to the next gound that is the most important thing. We'll have good practices to be prepared for next game".