Chasson Randle confirmed his signing with Real Madrid 3  october  2017
Chasson Randle is the new point guard of Real Madrid and the only thing remaining for the deal to be official is the announcement of the club.
Chasson Randle himself confirmed that he signed with Real Madrid. “I am happy with the decision,” Randle said to “There is absolutely not a better team at all in Europe. It is a blessing. Real has such a deep history in basketball and in winning.”

“This is a really great deal for Chasson,” said Kevin Bradbury, Randle’s agent. “He is joining one of the most prestigious teams in Europe, they load their roster with NBA-caliber talent, they take care of their players and they attract a lot of scouts.”

“I knew about it before it became official (last) Monday,” Randle said about being cut by the Knicks. “It was disappointing after I dedicated almost the entire summer to the organization. They told me it wasn’t anything more than me being caught on the wrong end of a business decision.”