Tyler Honeycutt: Excited to come back to Khimki18 august 2017

Tyler Honeycutt — on his return to BC Khimki, life in Turkey, playing for coach Bartzokas, new teammates and our fans.

On his return to BC Khimki

“I’m excited. I’m really excited for the team. We have new Americans and same Russians as were here before. Also, we have a new coach and I’m looking forward to play for him. I’ve heard great things on him from former players. I think we have a pretty good team this year. I wanna work hard at training camp. I think we’ll show our character in terms of what kind of season we gonna have this year”.

On decision to sign with BC Khimki

“Things didn’t work out with Efes and Khimki came offering me a good contract. I enjoyed playing there two years ago. I know the fans showing me good love. It helped me leave Efes and now bringing me right here. I’m back and I’ll try to bring the same energy and everything I did before, being more aggressive in scoring, still keeping defensive pressure and just help the team in every aspect”.

On season with Anadolu Efes and reaching EuroLeague play-offs

“For me it’s disappointing being one game away from the Final Four. I stuck, to be honest. But I was happy with the season. We did well and won like 11 games in a row at one point. You know, it was any successful season; I had fun and learned little more. Now I wanna bring my experience here to help us win”.

On life in Turkey

“It was cool. It was a little warmer than here, of course. Food is good; people were nice and even there weren’t bad things. I felt safe but of course, there were a couple of scares with a bombing and shooting that happened [in Istanbul]. The bombing was pretty close to my house, maybe 20 or 25 minutes. The shooting was near the arena, so it’s kind scary.

On expectations from playing for Khimki

“Like I said, just to bring the same energy and everything I did from playing here before; just being more aggressive offensively; set a bigger leader role and be one of the guys among the Americans playing here the most years”.

On coach and new teammates

“I like the new team. It’s easy for me as I know all the Russians. As for coaching staff, I’ve heard good things. And with new Americans, I think we can stick well. Anderson’s playing three and a little bit more four to make us very versatile team. Having Malcolm [Thomas] and Anthony [Gill], such athletic guys, we can run the floor and be fast. Charles [Jenkins] will give us shooting and toughness, as well as defense. Like I said, we have a good team”.

On Khimki fans

“I wish they come out and support us. We need you, guys, this year. We play in the EuroLeague and wanna win. Charles [Jenkins] came from Belgrade where, probably, the best fans in the world, so I know he’s gonna be expecting a lot so I wish our fans come out and show their support”.