Lazaros Papadopoulos is a new BC Khimki player16 february 2011

Today BC Khimki has signed a contract with a famous Greek center, an ex-PAOK player Lazaros Papadopoulos. The consent was agreed to the end of this season. On Wednesday Lazaros successfully passed medical examination and joined BC Khimki squad.

Victor Bychkov, BC Khimki General Manager:

— After the departure of Benjamin Eze from BC Khimki it became necessary for us to invite a center, since a lot of important games our club will have ahead. They will determine our position in BEKO PBL Championship and VTB United League. Immediately after the departure of Ben Eze, we began to consider candidacies for this position. One of them was Lazaros. He is a strong center, who played a lot of games for the national team of Greece, and in the leading clubs of Europe. He has Russian roots and spent couple of good seasons in Dynamo Moscow, so I don't think he will have any problems with adaptation. We made an offer that immediately interested as the player as his agent. Then, in a quiet and working mode all the matters relating to the contract were settled. Today, after passing a medical examination we are pleased to announce that Lazaros Papadopoulos has became a full member of BC Khimki.

Oleg Meleschenko, BC Khimki acting head coach:

— We needed a player in the rotation of "big" (4th and 5th "numbers"). With the Lazaros coming we will have more opportunities. For example, we can use Loncar in position of power forward. At the moment the candidacy of Papadopoulos seems to be the optimal choice for us. His abilities are well known. He is a leader by nature and is able to pass, plays well by his back to the hoop and on the rebounding, and, importantly, puts the team interests above personal ones. We are confident that Lazaros will help us achieve good results.


Lazaros Papadopoulos

Position — center

Birthday – June 3, 1980.

Height – 213 cm. Weight – 127 kg.

Entry to club since 2011


Teams played:
1992-1996 – AO Stauroupolis (Greece),
1996-2001 – Iraklis (Athens, Greece),
2001-2003 – Panathinaikos (Athens, Greece),
2003-2004 – Iraklis (Athens, Greece),
2004-2007 – Dynamo (Moscow),
2007-2008 – Real (Madrid, Spain),
2008-2009 – Fortitudo (Bologna, Italy),
2009-2001 – PAOK Thessaloniki BC (Thessaloniki, Greece),
Since 2011 – BC Khimki

1998 – The bronze medal winner of the FIBA Europe Under-18 Championship;
2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 – The winner of the Acropolis International Basketball Tournament (aka the Acropolis Cup);
2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 – Greek All Star Game participant;
2002 – The winner of Euroleague Championship;
2003 – The winner of Greek Championship, the winner of the Greek Cup;
2005 – The winner of FIBA European Championship;
2006 – The winner of ULEB Cup, FIBA World Championship silver medalist;
2007 – All-Euroleague Second Team;

Since 1996 – The player of National team of Greece.