Kresimir Loncar and Alexey Savrasenko are BC Khimki players12 july 2010

Two new players joined our team – Kresimir Loncar and Alexey Savrasenko. They play in the position of a center. Both basketball players signed two year contracts.

Viktor Bychkov, General Director of BC Khimki:

– Unlike the selection policy of the previous year, which could be called as “forced”, the current one is purposeful. More than that it was discussed by the club and the head coach long before the end of the season. The tasks we set, we do. As you know, Timofey Mozgov, spending all his conscious career in our club, went to the NBA team New York Knicks.

As for the second center Robertas Javtokas, we were not very pleased with his performance this season and taking advantage of the option, stated in the contract, terminated a contract with him. We had to re-select the front line. Our team has become stronger due to signing a contract with a well-known center Benjamin Eze, a former Montepaski Siena player.

We are also pleased to announce that our club has signed a two-year contract with one of the best Russian centers Alexey Savrasenko and with one of the best players in Russian Championship Croat Kresimir Loncar, who can be equally successful both at the position of center and a power forward.

Savrasenko came to us in the status of a “free agent” and Loncar had an item in his contract that allowed him to change the team. We are pleased that Kresimir and Alexey became the part of BC Khimki.

Sergio Scariolo, head coach of BC Khimki:

– We have been watching long for Loncar, and wanted to see him in our team. Kresimir is an experienced player, he knows well Russian Championship and he is experiencing a great desire to play in Euroleague. It is important that Loncar can play in the position of the “fifth” number, and of the “fourth” one as well. We also glad that Alexey Savrasenko has come to our team. He is a powerful player, able to fight under the board.

Alexey Savrasenko:

– I have had offers from several teams, including BC Khimki and UNICS. The main thing for me was the desire to move forward in my career and try my hand in Khimki, a team playing in Euroleague. In Khimki a successful selective work was done. It is an ambitious team with a good selection of players that poses a maximum problem. We will fight for the prizes. In Khimki there are qualified and experienced players, many of them were stable in the Euroleague for several years.

Kresimir Loncar:

– Khimki is a strong club, posing the most serious problems: to win Russian Championship and try to go as far as possible in the Euroleague. For me it is very important. I want to struggle for something serious. The organization of Khimki basketball economy is at a very high level, and I can say that I have made a step forward in my career, besides the club selected a good team, headed by a good coach.

Alexey Savrasenko

Birthday – 28 February 1979.
Position – center.
Height – 215 cm.
Weight – 118 kg.
Nationality – Russia/Greece.
Entry to club since 2010

Sports career

Title – Honoured Master of Sports

Teams played:
1995-2000 – Olympiakos (Piraeus, Greece),
2000-2001 – Peristeri BC (Peristeri, Greece),
2001-2002 – Olympiakos (Piraeus, Greece),
2002-2009 – CSKA (Moscow),
2009 – Spartak (Saint-Petersburg),
2009-2010 – Dynamo (Moscow),
Since 2010 – BC Khimki

1996 – The winner of Greek Championship;
1997 – The winner of Euroleague Championship;
1997 – The winner of Greek Championship;
2000 – Nominated for election of the NBA Draft (was not elected);
2002 – The winner of Greek Cup;
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 – The winner of Russian Championship;
2005, 2006, 2007 – The winner of Russian Cup;
2006, 2008 – The winner of Euroleague Championship;
2007 – The winner of European Championship;

Since 2001 – The player of National team of Russia.

Private life

Nationality: Greece
Greek name: Alexis Amanatidis
Marital status: Married to Irina
Children: Daughter Stephanie
Hobbies: Fishing
Favourite films: “Only Old Men Are Going to Battle”
Favourite music: Alexander Rozenbaum
Favourite food: Borscht
Favourite books: “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown
Favourite sport, apart from basketball: Volleyball, lawn tennis

Kresimir Loncar

Birthday – 12 February 1983.
Position – center.
Height – 210 cm.
Weight – 105 kg.
Nationality – Croatia.
Entry to club since 2010

Sports career

Teams played:
1999-2000 – Split (Split, Croatia),
2000-2002 – Wurzburg (Wurzburg, Germany),
2002-2003 – Benetton (Treviso, Italy),
2003-2004 – Teramo Basket (Teramo, Italy),
2004-2006 – BC Kiev (Kiev, Ukraine),
2006-2008 – Lokomotiv-Rostov (Rostov),
2008-2010 – UNICS (Kazan),
Since 2010 – BC Khimki


2002 – The winner of Italian Supercup;
2003 – The winner of Italian Championship;
2003 – Euroleague Championship finalist;
2005 – The winner of Ukrainian Championship;
2009 – The winner of Russian Cup, of MVP Final Four of Russian Cup;
2009, 2010 – The bronze medalist of Russian Championship.

The player of National team of Croatia
2008 – The participant of the Olympic Games (Beijing)
2009 – The participant of European Championship

Private life

Nationality: Croatia
Birthplace: Split (Croatia)