Fan Club


Every year along with the successes of BC Khimki the number of our fans is also growing. Their vigorous support helps the club make serious progress. The most active fans create fan clubs, whose number is constantly growing. The history of BC Khimki organized union supporters originates from 1990s when with the establishment of the club appeared its early supporters. The members of fan clubs have several advantages: discounts for buying tickets, kit, and other goods and services of BC Khimki, participation in surveys about the current life of the team, new initiatives, etc. They are the first to receive invitations to all BC Khimki events, including meetings with the players, the staff, away games, etc. All the initiatives of BC Khimki are primarily distributed through fan clubs.

Our fans have created the following fan clubs:

SENIOR GENERATION (community of fans)

This community unites senior supporters who want to watch high quality basketball in the Khimki arena in comfort and in the company of like-minded people. Their main goal is the creation of conditions for the joint viewing the all matches of favorite team, based on the principles of the English club.


“Khimki Spines” is a young and progressive union of BC Khimki supporters. It was established in 2006. Implicity the meaning of the fan club name is associated with the BC Khimki talisman Hedgehog, a peaceful and nice beast, but at the right moment capable of using the thorns to fight back. The aim of the club is to create a positive atmosphere at the matches. The main orientations of activity are providing moral support for BC Khimki during its matches, the preparation of different actions aimed at popularization of basketball.


Fan club “Khimki Landing” combines the active and positive supporters willing to vigorously support BC Khimki both at home and away games.

Fan club holds: opening and closing of the season, birthdays, preparation for performance art, collaborative nature activities, and meetings with fans of other teams who come to the games of BC Khimki.


In summer 2006 a new movement in Khimki – “The Sports Fans UltraSound Club” – was formed.

Its supporters do not present themselves as lovers and fans of the only one sports club. Sports in Khimki is on the rise. It was therefore decided to propose to unite the people attending different sporting events.

YOUTH OF KHIMKI (fan-union school)

The club unites the schoolchildren and students of Khimki urban district educational institutions (aged from 12 to 18 years), who actively support BC Khimki.

The purposes of their activity: to unite the pupils from Khimki urban district schools, gymnasiums, lyceums for organized support of the club, to help find new friends and like-minded people at the fan-sector, to prepare a proper replenishment for the BC Khimki fan clubs.

Contact us: or +7 (495) 575-93-34.