Reports October 2010

31 octoberVTB United League. BC Khimki vs. Azovmash

Keith Langford’s 17 points helped BC Khimki win a difficult match against the champion of Ukraine BC Azovmash – 65-58 (12-12, 17-15, 13-14, 23-17). The next home game BC Khimki will hold within the bounds of a regular stage of Euroleague against Spanish Caja Laboral on Wednesday, November 3.

27 octoberEuroleague. Partizan vs.BC Khimki

In the end of a very tough and difficult game in the "pioneer hell" BC Khimki didn't manage to keep its advantage — 68-72 (19-21, 18-15, 16-13, 15-23). The next game BC Khimki players will hold at home on October, 31 against the Ukrainian Azovmash within the bounds of United League VTB.

23 octoberPBL. N.Novgorod vs. BC Khimki

The debutant of the Russian basketball elite division from Nizhny Novgorod offered worthy resistance to BC Khimki. The more valuable our victory – 85-75 (18-20, 18-17, 23-20, 26-18). The next game – and again on the road – the yellow-blue will spend within Euroleague, in Belgrade, against Partizan mt:s on October, 27.

20 octoberEuroleague. BC Khimki vs. Asseco Prokom

BC Khimki started the second season in Euroleague regular stage with the win over Polish Asseco Prokom – 82-76 (18-14, 19-21, 26-20, 19-21). On Saturday, October 23 BC Khimki within new PBL Championship will visit Nizhniy Novgorod.

17 octoberVTB United League. Zalgiris vs. BC Khimki

In the first round of VTB United League BC Khimki played on the road with Kaunas Zalgiris. The game proved to be hard, but in the end the yellow-blue lost – 69-75 (17-16, 18-21, 16-14, 18-24). The next match our team will hold within the bounds of Euroleague on October, 20 in Moscow. The rival is Polish Asseco Prokom Gdynia. The meeting will start at 20.00 Moscow time.

12 octoberPBL. Enisey vs. BC Khimki

In the final match of the first round of the first PBL Championship BC Khimki played in Krasnoyarsk with the local team Enisey. Having seized the advantage of 10 points in the 1st quarter, the yellow-blue confidently scored a victory – 77-68 (19-10, 15-22, 23-15, 20-21). On Sunday, October 17, within the bounds of VTB United League BC Khimki will play a difficult game on the road with Kaunas Zalgiris.

8 octoberEuroleague. Qualifying round. BC Khimki vs. Le Mans

Having confidently won the French players from Le Mans Sarthe Basket – 87-66 (24-15, 12-20, 28-16, 23-15), BC Khimki will play their second season in the main stage of Euroleague. Moreover, BC Khimki has proved to be the only team that didn’t not suffer a defeat in the qualifying rounds.

5 octoberEuroleague. Qualifying round. Le Mans vs. BC Khimki

Keith Langford and Thomas Kelati, scored by 19 points each, predetermined the victory of our team in an out match with Le Mans – 70-56 (16-12, 16-18, 17-8, 21-18). The return game will be held on October, 8 at 19.00 in Basketball Centre of Moscow Region.

1 octoberEuroleague. Qualifying round. BC Khimki vs. Budivelnik

It seemed that after the "black Tuesday" in Dnepropetrovsk, Budivelnik’s fate was predicted even before the return game in Khimki. The "builders" (the name of a Ukrainian club is translated precisely as “builders”) have competently "built" their game. But the yellow-blue were more self-disciplined and acted confidently in defense – 74-67 (21-18, 14-21, 19-14, 20-14). The first game of the third Qualifying round, with Le Mans Sarthe Basket, will be held in France.