Reports January 2007

27 januaryRussian Championship — Confirming the axiom

BC Khimki’s players began the series of six home court games in the championship versus Dynamo Moscow Region. In three games of this series, Khimki has to win back its home court losses. Losing in the first half the home team exploded in the third quarter and made it clear who would win the game: 83-73 (21-21, 13-25, 31-16, 18-11).

The upcoming match in the National Championship will have Khimki face off against the Russian Champ on Saturday, 10 February.

24 januaryRussian Championship. One hundred points against Standart

In the second match in Samara, the Moscow Region Club racked up 100 points for a second time in the tournament, and once again against Standart Club. This time only 11 players were on the roster, with the captain watching from the bench.

The five upcoming games of the National Championship will be on BC Khimki’s home court, the first of them against Dynamo Moscow Region, on 27 January.

22 januaryRussian Championship. Victory on the banks of the Volga

Khimki got to play the first and true visting team games in the 2007 championship in Samara. The first match, against CSK VVS, was not much of a hurdle for the visiting team, with only one of the dozen players unable to add his grain of sand towards victory: 95-75 (25-21, 24-15, 26-16, 20-23). The Moscow Region basketball club will play its next game in the Russian Championship game on Wednesday 24 January same place same time, but against Standart.

16 januaryULEB Cup. One hundred points and it’s the playoffs!

Khimki played on its home court in the last game of the first stage of the trophy in a face off against Academic of Bulgaria. The home team needed this win and coming up on halftime, the game’s results were decided. The Moscow Region’s players went straight for it, and in the second half, clinched an astounding win: 101-77 (29-14, 24-15, 22-16, 26-28), thus securing their place in the grouping. The next game in the ULEB Cup of the 1/8 round will take place 30 January, against an opponent to be determined by a draw.

13 januaryRussian Championship


9 januaryULEB Cup. Last game is the decisive one

The second to the last match of the first stage of the trophy, was played out in the Max-Schmelling Halle in Berlin with BC Khimki facing off against Alba, which having started the tournament off well, brought on some surprises.

The yellow-blues did not start the game off well, though later started the pursuit, and were able to catch up to the Albatrosses at the end of regulation time. However, in the overtime, the home team won. And though Khimki lost the battle: 83-90 ОТ (10-22, 23-25, 23-12, 18-21, 6-13), they did not lose the war. The Moscow Region Club will play in the next match of the Cup against Academic, on 16 January, the last and decisive game.

6 januaryRussian Championship. The leaders didn’t “take off”

Khimki kicked off the new calendar year with a face off against the national champion CSKA. The visiting team showed good basketball at only the first half, while in the second half they couldn’t thwart the home team, as the visiting team’s leaders didn’t muster the necessary salt and lost: 72-87 (22-22, 18-24, 8-22, 24-19). The next game of the Russian Championship for the Moscow Region team will take place Saturday, 13 January hosting a face off against Standart de Toliatti.