Reports February 2007

23 februaryRussian Championship. Fourth settling of scores

On this festive evening in February candidates for the championship medal, BC Khimki and UNICS faced off against one another in the Moscow Region Basketball Center. Leaving not a trace of doubt, not even for a second of who would take the lead, with the home team clinching a victory: 113-80 (28-12, 30-26, 27-18, 28-24).

Kazan’s UNICS 8-point disadvantage was surpassed by a wide margin. For the upcoming championship game, Khimki will host a game against Universitet Yugra on 16 March.

19 februaryRussian Championship. They paid their debt, with interest due

The series of BC Khimki’s home games in February, which racked up some pending debts needed to be collected, continued with Spartak Primorie as opponent. It was clear from the outset that they were charged with vengeance, and so it was the home team dominated throughout the game, and won: 83-61 (23-15, 14-14, 25-17, 21-15).The Moscow Region Club will play its next game in the Russian Championship at home, next Friday versus UNICS of Kazan.

16 februaryRussian Championship. Exerting slight effort.

In the last match of the regular stage for the Russian Championship, Khimki faced off with a team that almost mussed the chances of going on to the playoffs, SibirTelecom Lokomotiv. The Moscow Region Club was unable to equip themselves to the end of the match, and using their full dozen, won by a slight margin: 93-66 (28-20, 17-12, 19-23, 29-11). BC Khimki will play its next match this Monday against Spartak Primorie.

13 februaryULEB Cup. 1/8 Finals – Unbroken tradition

In an upset during their rematch game in the first stage of the Union League tournament, Khimki lost in their own court against Crvena Zvezda of Belgrade, no holds barred. The visiting team demonstrated that more than Gurovic can score: 76-93 (11-26, 26-25, 20-22, 19-20). The Moscow Region Club didn’t break with tradition of Russian clubs debuting in the trophy, and lost in the first round of the playoffs, not making it into the quarter finals.

10 februaryRussian Championship. Victory against the best European club

BC Khimki’s players continued the series of home court games, in which they needed to revindicate themselves in a game versus the national champion of all European clubs. This time around the rematch was possible. The yellow-blues were in the lead for most of the game, and reached a crowning victory: 75-74 (26-22, 17-19, 15-17, 17-16). For the next game in the National Championship, Khimki will play STK Lokomotiv of Novosibirsk, on 16 February, on Khimki’s own home turf.

7 februaryRussian Cup. 1/4 Finals. Deprived of victory

In the rematch games of the National Cup, BC Khimki’s players demonstrated that they form a solid team, dissolving a 17-point disadvantage. In the last offensive play, the Moscow Region Club came out in the lead according to the results of the two games, but a shot by Torres in the last second was not defended: 81-65 (15-23, 24-9, 18-13, 24-20). Despite the gap, due to some unfortunate plays in the first match of the stage, Khimki, for the first time in the history of the trophy, will not participate in the quarter finals, prompting them to petition a protest.