Reports October 2006

31 octoberULEB Cup. New is mighter than prestige

Khimki’s upcoming European campaign –one of the utmost level — started off with a game against the most renown ULEB Cup team, the one and only Hapoel Migdal from Jerusalem. If the Moscow Region Club was intimidated by this formidable opponent, it showed barely in the first quarter. After the break, the yellow-blues demonstrated a significantly improved game peformance, and changing the course of the match, kicked off the Union Cup with a well-rounded victory: 87-79 (14-15, 15-28, 29-20, 19-13). Khimki will play the next trophy match in the Belgian city of Ostende vs. the Telindus team on 7 November, at 22.30 hs. Moscow time

24 octoberRussian Championship. Local debut with a plus

With four official matches into the season (and 11 exhibition games) BC Khimki, finally played on its home court. In the Moscow Region Basketball Center, BC Khimki hosted a match against Lokomotiv Rostov, showing what they were capable of doing on the court. By the hand of Wolkowiski, who demonstrated his true stripes as captain of the team on this night, as the home team tipped the scale in their favor: 79-64 (20-17, 15-18, 22-13, 22-16). Next match of the regular stage of the Russian Cup will play out after a long lapse. Saturday, 11 November, BC Khimki will face off in Perm’s Molot against Ural Great.

21 octoberRussia Cup. We will recover in February

The first official game of the season for BC Khimki in the capital, took place in Dynamo’s Basketball Palace in Krylatskoe. Dynamo Moscow, having used its home court advantage made a show of precision hoops and thwarting attempts by its opponents.

They won the debut game of the Quarter Finals: 68-85 (15-23, 19-18, 17-27, 17-17). Nonetheless, Khimki still has a chance for a rematch and win by the sum total of both games. The next game for the teams in the Quarter Finals will play out on Khimki’s court next year on 7 February.

16 octoberRussian Championship. More precision long distance shot

Khimki played the third match in the regular round in Surgut. The team coaches knew that winnning the Championship Silver would be an excellent upper for everyone, but the mental confidence in victory played a heavy trick on the Moscow Region Club’s players. In the defense, for example, both teams scored no less than half their attempts from the perimeter. Fortunately for the visiting team, especially Savkov (5/8), they were lucky and won: 92-83 (27-26, 22-20, 20-20, 23-17). The upcoming match in the National Championship will finally play out at home when on Tuesday, 24 October Khimki will host the match on its own turf at the Mowcow Region Basketball Center, against Lokomotiv Rostov. Game time is 19.00 hours.

14 octoberRussian Championship. Birthday present

The second game of the season in the National Championship took place in the City of Novosibirsk. Vitaly Fridzon, on his 21st birthday, played as if celebrating. Khimki won their first victory in the official games: 85-75 (23-12, 22-24, 17-15, 23-24). To top off the Siberian tour, Khimki will play at the Energetik Sports Complex of Surgut vs. Universitet Yugra on Monday, 16 October, at 16.00 hours. Moscow time.

11 octoberRussian Championship. Spartak Primorie: Dangerous for clubs

Khimki played its first official game of the 2006/07 season against Spartak Primorie, in the Siberian city of Vladivostok. Having started on a positive footing, the game ended in the same way as the Championship of that region. Spartak won the finals. And as had happened to Dynamo Moscow, Khimki couldn’t withstand the long flight to such distant lands and lost it: 78-79 (21-19, 27-14, 20-21, 10-25). The next game for the yellow-blues will take place at the Siever Sports Complex in the City of Novosibirsk, against the local STK Lokomotiv on Saturday, 14 October, at 15.00 hours, Moscow time.