News September 2007

29 septemberKondrashin – Belov Cup: BC Khimki reached the final

The tournament in the memory of Vladimir Kondrashin and Alexander Belov started off. In the first match BC Khimki played against Polish team – Prokom. Yellow-blue won — 87-84 (19-24, 20-22, 23-14, 25-24) and made the final.
Top scorers: Lampe (19), Ewing (18), McCarty (11+11 rebounds), Rannkko (11+5 rebounds), Wilkinson (9+8 rebounds+3 assists).

29 septemberKelly McCarty is the BC Khimki captain

Before the first game at the Kondrashin-Belov Cup the coaching staff decided that the forward Kelly McCarty, one of the most experienced player and the audience favorite, should be a captain this season. We wish Kelly good luck and good performance.

28 septemberVictor Dubovitsky is released on loan

BC Khimki and Universitet-Yugra agreed upon the loan of the Moscow Region club young player of attck line Victor Dubovitsky for the season 2007/2008.

28 septemberRuben facing his ex-teammates

On Saturday Khimki will play against Prokom from Sopot at the Kondrashin-Belov Cup in Saint-Petersburg. Ruben Wolkowyski, ex-captain of Moscow Region club will be in the roster of Polish club.

28 septemberMcCarty has become a citizen of Russia

The BC Khimki forward born in USA has acquired Russia’s citizenship by the edict №1236 signed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The player will no longer be considered a foreigner in Russian Superleague and has the right to play for the Russian national side.

26 septemberThe master-class in Olympic reserves school

In basketball hall of Olympic Basketball school the BC Khimki coaches Dmitry Shakulin and Russell Bergman conducted a master-class for players of 1991 year of birth, who participate in European Youthful Basketball League and study in this school.
In two hours young players learnt how to pass, to dribble, to throw. This master-class initiated the traditional meeting coaches and young players.

26 septemberRC-Higher League A. BC Lobnya – Spartak-2

The BC Khimki farm club — BC Lobnya won two matches against the reserves of Spartak Saint-Petersburg. First game: 80-70 (24-10, 24-21, 18-21, 14-18). Top scorers: Sergey Logachev (13+6 rebounds+4 blocks), Vladimir Agagbabyan (12), Alexander Gutsev (11). Second game: 76-70 (13-19, 21-20, 19-17, 23-14). Top scorers: Mordakov (14 points), Logachev (13 + 9 rebounds), Zinchenko (11), Agababyan (11).

25 septemberSergey Karaulov is released on loan

BC Khimki and Lokomotiv-Rostov agreed upon the loan of the Moscow Region club center Sergey Karaulov for the season 2007/2008. But he has a long-term contract with BC Khimki.

25 septemberNews from the training camp. The victory in Naples

On Monday evening BC Khimki played the last test match in Italy during this training session. The opponent was the last season participant of Euroleague – Napoli. Yellow-blue dictated the game and won — 86-80. Today our team will return in Russia.

24 septemberRC – Higher League A. The season started off

BC Lobnya, the BC Khimki farm club, played two first matches. The opponent was Dynamo-Politekh. First match Lobnya yielded — 65-66 (20-19, 19-14, 12-15,
14-18). Top scorers: Artem Shakhnazarov (15), Anton Kuzmenko (12), Alexander Gutsev (10). The second day Moscow Region club won — 64-61 (12-17, 20-11, 9-21, 23-12). Top scorers: Artem Shakhnazarov (12), Alexander Mordakov (13), Aleksey Kulin (10).