News January 2007

31 januaryHistory holds no clues

Would a home game victory give any guarantee of qualifying for the next tournament elimination round games under the system of a majority of game points? The coaches that met on court in Belgrade think not. Dragan SAKOTA (Crvena Zvezda) and Kestutis KEMZURA (Khimki) are sure the results of the match will be defined on 13 February in the Moscow Region. This would also hold true if we take a look back at the pattern of Slavic matches in the past.

29 januaryBasketball without Mad4Red

On Monday morning, BC Khimki left for Belgrade, where the following day they will play against Crvena Zvezda at 22:00, Moscow time. Fortunately Pionir Hall will be empty of spectators. The Union League has punished the Serbian club for their fan club Mad4Red’s behavior, when on day six of the regular championship, the game against PAOK was suspended for 30 minutes as a result of serious incidents that began in the stands and quickly spread to the court (the visiting team was being cheered by Zvezda’s main rival: Partizan).

28 januaryRoman Levter leaves Khimki

On the eve of the Moscow Region’s flight to the capital of Serbia for the ULEB Cup playoffs, the club’s administration announced their signing of a release, allowing Roman Levter (forward) to continue his career in another club. This “open letter” thus confirms the club has no intentions to retain the basketball player, and will present no obstacles for him to continue his sports career with another team.

28 januaryThe first step is always the hardest

Kestutis Kemzura debuted as Khimki’s head coach during the games of the so-called “Moscow Region Derby,” but not only for BC Khimki, as up until now, the 36-year-old coach had worked as assistant coach. Everything turned out well, despite the not-so-successful start of the game. After the first break, the yellow-blues recovered, and opened their eyes, bringing on some positive results. In the third quarter Khimki scored more points than their opponent in the second half of the game.

28 januaryRC — B Division Victory over our neighbors

The day Khimki and Dynamo’s main teams took to the court of the Moscow Region Basketball Center in the Moscow Region Derby, the younger boys from Khimki-2 played the second day of the B Division matches. On day two, the second match resembled the first in some respects, and in others was entirely different.

26 januaryAwaiting the “baker’s dozen”

Despite the fact that the first A Division “Moscow Region Derby” took place around three years ago, Khimki and Dynamo have played against one another in a total 14 games. Destiny has accompanied them in all the Russian tournaments, in regular stages, and playoffs for championship of the National Cup.

25 januaryRC. B Division. Double victory

Coach Valery Sizov’s boys won two sweeping victories over the Kuban-Lokomotiv team from Krasnodar. Nonethess, the advantage is telling of how difficult it was to obtain this result.

25 januaryKestutis Kemzura named new head coach

On Thursday BC Khimki’s directors signed on the Lithuanian Kentutis Kemzura as head coach for the team. This 36-year-old b-ball expert will head up the Moscow Region Club until the end of this season, though it's possible his contract could be extended into the next. Assisting him: Russell Bergman, Alexei Vadeev, Oleg Meleschenko, and Mikhail Soloviev.

23 januarySecond match against the Samara Region club

On Wednesday, BC Khimki will face off in a second match in history against a rookie and outsider, the Toliatti Club. Last year’s silver medalists understand that all this does not guarantee victory against an opponent. The game will take place in the Samara MTL-Arena, at 18:00 Moscow time. During the three seasons this team has been in the Elite Division, it faced off with the second team in the “yellow-blue pyramid.”

21 januaryTwo games lie ahead on the banks of the Volga

Khimki flew to Samara, where on Monday and Wednesday they will face-off in two Russian Championship matches. The first of the Moscow Region team’s opponents will be Valery Tikhonenko’s boys, Air Force players who upon their return to the international arena won a place in the quarters of the FIBA Cup Challenge. The game will take place in the CSK VVS Sports Palace at 18:00 Moscow time.