News February 2007

28 februaryDear Friends and Colleagues!

On 28 February, the Physical Fitness and Sports Committee of the Moscow Region celebrates its 70th anniversary, and we extend our sincerest congratulations to our friends and colleagues on this momentous occasion.

BC Khimki also wishes to the whole committee, led by the energetic and proactive president, S. N. Pernikov, much continued success and prosperity.

26 februaryDYBL — Semifinals EEIJRO Trinta

The last DYBL stage games took place in EEIJRO Trinta. In these last days, Khimki’s standings determine whether they will continue on to battle for the gold. To clinch this chance, the team had to win, with no room for defeat, at least one of the games.

24 februarySmiling assassin

It’s not often we see the Khimki head coach smile. But, after the match against UNICS, which clinched the Moscow Region a full-blown victory, Coach Kestutis Kemzura’s demand for the killer instinct shone through for the length of the game. He even smiled for the cameras, much the way the impish and elusive character, Mark Dacascos smiles upon wiping away his victims, in the North American thriller, Crying Freeman (translated as the Smiling Assassin in Russian) and based on the original Japanese anime/manga.

22 februaryThe fever breaks

The two clubs facing off in the match played on National Soviet Army Day, which will affect the standings for positions in the playoffs, are coached by foreigners. In the first “Lithuanian Derby,” which coincidentally happened to be the “Moscow Region Derby” (the Dynamo MR Coach is also Lithuanian, facing off against each other in the Moscow Region Derby’s Khimki vs. Dynamo MR match), Coach Kestutis Kemzura won. On Friday, Kemzura will lead his boys in the match against UNICS, culminating BC Khimki’s “February Fever.”

22 februaryDYBL. Semifinal in EEIJRO Trinta

BC Khimki has played three games of this past stage of the DYBL Championship games in the Trinta Special School for Junior Youth of the Olympic Reserve (EEIJRO). Sergey Zhigulin and Oleg Rezvy’s players’ performance resulted in two victories and one last-second defeat. Now, onto the next stage of the battle for the medals, and the team must win at least one of the two upcoming games left to play: against CSK VVS Samara and the court home team, EEIJRO Trinta.

21 februaryGorenc in recovery

The Slovenian guard, Boris Gorenc, who was seriously injured one month ago during training practice for the two games in Samara, has not yet fully recovered. The basketball player does go out on court, tosses some hoops, and even during group practice when his team mates are finishing up. According to Khimki’s physician, Gorenc’s recovery is going well.

20 februaryGames in the calendar “zone”

After the match, Khimki vs. Spartak Primorie, the team’s coaches spoke not only of the game, in which the Moscow Region Club won the rematch after the defeat at the season start, but also of the game calendar. Sergey Babkov was sorry that Spartak played only one home game of the last 10 games. Meanwhile, Khimki was luckier having, in the past half month played six home games of different tournaments, and then got a three-week vacation.

18 februaryResolution Nº 4 — Revindication

BC Khimki has seven matches in the “easy” stage of the ongoing Russian Championship. To gain a comfortable position for the playoffs, the Moscow Region Club needs to win all games. Key matches for the ranking in the tournament playoffs will be the upcoming ones against the l “big four”: UNICS from Kazan and Dynamo Moscow. Losing points is an unaffordable luxury, and even more so when in the first of the matches, in Vladivostok, the team was defeated.

17 februaryErrors as a result of going for the thunder

BC Khimki’s victory by only a 27-point lead prompted many to search for clues as to the “not so fortunate” performance of the Moscow Region Club. Is it possible that the team was so affected by their defeat in the face off with Crvena Zvezda? Were the players unable to regroup, or give it their all, or did they keep it inside in the defense on the threshold of the game versus UNICS? Or had the coaches decided to give some game time to all the players to experiment with new play combinations on court?

16 februaryNo breather – the next battle

The match to take place Friday could be considered a chance to take a breather after (and before) the series of important games in the National Championship and the ULEB. However, Khimki will not be lenient, not with their opponent, nor with themselves. They have new combinations and strategies to work out their warrior spirit. Up ahead lay the matches with Spartak Primorie and Kazan’s UNICS, which have beat the Moscow Region Club in the first round of the National Championship.